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Hospital staff challenged by a group of students

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        PHS students and Piedmont employees promoting their upcoming 5K Walk at Roper Park to raise money for the Friends of Mountainside to help purchase a Zeiss Microscope for the hospital.

     Friday a group of Pickens High students challenged the staff at Piedmont Mountainside to raise more money and bring more people to an Oct, 29th 5K Walk at Roper Park.
    The walk, which requests a $25 donation to participate or sponsor a walker, will raise money for the Friends of Mountainside to help purchase a Zeiss Microscope for the hospital.


    All of the students were in the healthcare pathway classes at Pickens High. They will be eligible to test for the National Consortium for Health Science Education.   
    Acting as a spokesperson for the PHS health students, Lila McArthur said they may be just a group of students but as they say at Pickens High, “We are one and we are strong.”
    They challenged the hospital staff to bring more people and raise more funds ahead of the Oct. 29th 5K which will be sponsored by school’s Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) club.
    Responding for the hospital CEO Denise Ray countered that they are up for the challenge and will not be beat. Showing it will be a friendly competition, Ray also joined the students for lunch at the hospital to discuss careers in the health field.   
    The students who made the challenge were Autumn Andrews, Jacey Moss, Jessica Collett, Kaitlin Redman and McArthur. They were accompanied by Tim Baisden, the first year CTAE (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education) Director for the school.
    The Zeiss microscope that will be purchased for the local hospital is considered a crucial piece of equipment to cut down on the procedure time for breast cancer surgeries.
    The Friends of Mountainside have been working to raise funds for it this year. Donations directly to buy the equipment to help the cancer work at the local hospital may be made to Jacque Cox, 10693 Big Canoe, Jasper, Ga. 30143. Checks should be made to the Friends of Piedmont Healthcare Foundation.
    The students who went to make the challenge prepared statements of why it was important to them. Autumn Andrews wrote, “My future career is in the medical field so I want to involved as much as possible in my community when it comes to not only helping others, but especially those who could benefit frorm this walk as I know the effects of cancer on loved ones. My granpa has been infected with the devastation that comes with cancer for many years and had to move out of state just to receive proper treatment.”
    Lila McArthur also told of a personal connection in her statement, “All four of my grandparents were diagnosed with cancer at some point their lives. Three had to receive medical care for the disease, and one of those three lost their life to a severe case of Melanoma.”
    Jacey Moss, as well told of a personal connection with cancer with a relative diagnosed with leukemia and “I remember him having to travel back and forth to Atlanta four times a week for treatments. My family members were constantly exhausted trying to get him to where he needed to be.”
    Jessica Collett wrote, “Piedmont Mountainside is in need of a cancer treatment center and I am willing to take a stand for the cause. Our community has a high cancer rate.”
    Kaitlin Redman wrote that she is excited to be part of the challenge and walk as she plans to pursue a career in the medical field and she wanted the chance, “to meet so many talented doctors and hospital personnel.”
    At the walk on October 29th the whole community welcome and may join in and make donations at the start. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. with the walk starting at 8 a.m. A $25 donations is requested to join the walk.