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End of the road for triple-wide


County crews demolish a triple-wide trailer at the county airport  Tuesday — the conclusion of a saga that began at Roper Park months ago. The triple-wide previously served as the home of the Boys & Girls Club for the county and sat in the park. When the club built their permanent facility, the county was initially going to have the trailer hauled away as scrap, but there was some thought it could be used as a temporary base for the airport.

After arrival at the airport, however, it was determined that delays in the move had let too much rain seep into the structure and it was really not fit for use.

Commission Chair Rob Jones noted that the endeavor didn’t cost taxpayers much as the trailer had original been headed to the landfill and ultimately that’s where it will end up. He said they had to move it anyway and wanted it gone in time for spring sports at the park. It just stayed at the airport while a determination of its condition was made..