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Despite frigid cold, New Year's party a success



 A ball drop on Main Street in Jasper thrilled party goers on New Years Eve.

Organizers of the downtown New Year’s Eve party said despite lows in the teens, the event turned out “better than expected.”

“It came together flawlessly,” said Jasper Merchant’s Association Vice President Kirk Raffield. “It ended up being a safe, fun, family-friendly event, which is exactly what we wanted. We had absolutely no issues and things went smoothly. Was the crowd smaller? Yes, but it was 14 degrees outside.”

Jasper Merchants Association took over planning for the NYE celebration after Jasper City Council voted not to fund the event, citing rising healthcare costs. The city has spent approximately $25,000 on the event in years past. Raffield said beyond donations and sponsorships, JMA spent around $7,000 on the event this year.

Raffield estimated the crowd was between 250 and 350, with number swelling up to midnight. The largest crowd arrived between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

The New York City ball drop was streamed on a giant inflatable screen, but a ball drop on Jasper’s Main Street also thrilled crowd goers.

“It was fantastic,” Raffield said. “The ball had LED multi-colored lights, and we are grateful to Deveraux Designs for their help with it.”

Raffield said JMA will regroup and work with the city after the first of the year to figure out who will take on the event next December. He thanked all volunteers, donors, and vendors for their contribution to the party.