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Rep. Graves Receives Award for Conservative Excellence


tom-gravesWashington, D.C. – Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) received the American Conservative Union (ACU) Award for Conservative Excellence. Rep. Graves received the award based on his score of 96/100 as part of ACU’s Annual Rating of Congress. The award is given only to those members of the House and Senate who scored 80 percent or above on a wide variety of issues, which are areas of concern for grassroots conservatives and were voted on during the second session of the 115thCongress.

   “As a conservative, I believe in individual liberty, free markets and limited government,” said Rep. Graves. “Working with the Trump administration and like-minded members of Congress, we’re enacting policies that hold true to these values, such as cutting taxes, slashing unnecessary regulations, protecting life and rebuilding our military. ACU partners with Congress and the American people in fighting for these priorities, and that’s why I’m proud to receive this prestigious award.” 

   “We applaud Tom’s record as a strong defender of the conservative principles we share,” said ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp. “Through his work in Congress, he is helping rollback harmful regulations, create jobs, and protect the sanctity of life. We’re pleased to honor his pursuit of conservative solutions with our 2017 ACU Award for Conservative Excellence and we know that we can count on him to keep up the fight.”

   Since 1971, the nation’s oldest grassroots conservative organization has annually graded members of Congress based on their votes on issues important to conservatives. The full guide is now available at