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Tractor trailer scalped by power line

Two trucks misled by GPS knock out power in last month


truck on power line

A powerline on Indian Forest Road made this big rig’s roof look like a flimsy beer can. An employee of the trucking company*, left, and emergency workers survey the impressive damage. This was the second tractor trailer tangled up in the same exact spot this month. * Corrected from original where it listed him as the driver.


Indian Forest Road in Jasper, a curvy, somewhat hilly road behind Chattahoochee Tech is no place for full-size tractor trailers - but that hasn’t kept them from being led there by GPS systems only to get hung up in power lines. 

“This is the second one that’s done this in a month,” said Jasper Police Asst. Chief Jim Gleason who, along with a dozen or so other emergency workers surveyed the spectacle of a tractor trailer roof that had been ripped off by the power line Monday. “They’re not supposed to be back on this road.”

An officer described the powerline “peeling the roof back like a can of sardines until it can’t go any farther.”

While the damage to the trailer was severe, no injuries  were reported.

According to Gleason, in both cases drivers’ GPS systems brought them to the road. The most recent driver, hauling beer, was heading to Main Stop Market on North Main near the Hood Road intersection from Mountain View Citgo on Cove Road when he was routed to Indian Forest Road. 

Even before the Monday accident the city had already ordered signs that will deter tractor trailers and large trucks from using the road. Gleason said the city did have signs in the area at one point, “but they have disappeared over time.”  

“We hope they come pretty soon so we can get them up,” he said. “People in that area are getting annoyed since it’s happened so recently.” 

Power outages were mostly in the immediate area near Forrest Glen Apartments, but the traffic light at Church and Spring streets was out for a while. GDOT had to replace a part before power was restored to the signal.  

Gleason said the city has plans to speak with distributors and store owners to prevent this from happening in the future.