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School’s out forever for the PHS Class of 2018


     Rosa Willis / Photo Bring on the world, PHS graduate Rudy Perez and fellow seniors await their diplomas during the ceremony Saturday at Dragon Stadium. See more photos from the day on page 16A.

        The 272 members of the PHS Class of 2018 graduated Saturday, May 26th. Despite threat of rain all week, the ceremony took place outside in the newly remodeled Dragon Stadium. English teacher Keith Petty gave the day’s commencement speech, reminding students to “remember where you came from.”

Petty, a favorite teacher among the class of 2018 for his good nature and interesting classes, told students that love had brought them this far in their journey. 

“The love of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, friends, educators and countless others has helped you reach this waystation to your destination. It is that love on which prayers and hopes are born, Class of 2018, and with that behind you, you cannot fail.” 

Petty told the class the gift of love is something to always value.

“Education is highly important. Hard work is highly important. A combination of the two changed my life for the better; but love is a force that never fails. Thus, you have been given this gift that assures you when any adversity comes along in your lives, you have the substance, the ingenuity, the tact, the strength, the endurance, and the resilience to emerge on the other side of that adversity victoriously; and it means that you have the seed within you to pass it along to others.” 

  In his speech, Petty challenged the class to “Remember where you came from.  Stay humble. Keep your hearts open. And, most importantly, consider your fellow men and women, for that is love.”