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Defense delays bond hearing in child cruelty case



Janet and Neil Farrell are led out of a Pickens Superior Courtroom today. Their defense attorney sought a delay in the hearing as they had only been on the case since the night before. Full coverage of the hearing now available in this week's edition. 


Defense attorneys for Neil and Janet Farrell asked for a continuation in the bond hearing scheduled today for the couple facing numerous child cruelty charges for the treatment of their 18-year-old daughter.


The couple was charged after the daughter ran away and investigators grew suspicious during the search before locating her 15-miles away.

Attorney Scott Poole, of Grisham and Poole, representing Neil Farrell told the court that it is unusual to delay a bond hearing, but they had only been engaged the night before and they were not prepared to move ahead this quickly. Poole said there are also a lot of people who want to speak on the couple's behalf, but they need time to arrange this.


Janet Farrell is being represented separately by attorney Darren Burns, though the defense teams are working together and were actively discussing strategy in court today at the same defense table.  Ross Grisham, of Grisham and Poole said the separate counsel for co-defendants is standard procedure.

While the defense asked for more time to prepare, they may end up with more than they anticipated as court proceedings indicated a new hearing was unlikely to be feasible until well after the July 4th holiday.

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Complete story on today's court hearing in this week's print edition.