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Baxter recognized as Piedmont Mountainside’s employee of year


     Katy Baxter (left) receives Piedmont Mountainside Hospital’s Promise 360 Champion of the Year award from hospital CEO Denise Ray.


Mammographer Katy Baxter was recently recognized as Piedmont Mountainside Hospital’s Promise 360 Champion of the Year.

Baxter, described by hospital CEO Denise Ray as “the most selfless individual I’ve ever met” was recognized as the hospital’s employee of the year for going above and beyond for her patients.

Baxter was nominated for the award after a patient came in for a standard mammogram. While

everything from the test showed negative results, Baxter had a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right.

“She went the extra step even though the mammogram was normal,” Ray said during the ceremony. “They did a biopsy and the lady did, in fact, have stage 4 breast cancer. How easy would it have been if she had just let it go? But she didn’t.”

Baxter, a mammographer at Piedmont Mountainside for the past two years, said during the award ceremony, “I truly love everything I do and thank you all so much.” 

In an interview this week, Baxter said she saw the patient very recently and she was doing well.

“She is doing awesome,” Baxter said. “She is almost finished with chemo and radiation. She is an amazing woman for sure.” 

According to Mary Ghorley of Piedmont Mountainside Hospital, Baxter was nominated for the Promise 360 seven different times in the past year.

Baxter not only gives 100 percent in her professional life but personally as well. Last December, she donated a kidney to a friend from high school.

“My friend was in kidney failure and when I found out he was sick I went to my minister and asked him to pray with me. (My minister) told me that he only had one kidney and I knew then it was meant to be. God told me then that I was going to be a match for my friend,” Baxter said. 

Baxter said her life is truly blessed.

“Piedmont is a wonderful place to work. Since I was an organ donor they paid me the whole time I was out,” she said. “I’m just very humbled by this whole thing.”