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Creative writing contest for youth starts Sept. 20th

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     For the thirty-seventh time, the Sassafras Literary Exchange is about to begin its annual Creative Writing Contest for Youth. This long running challenge is for middle school and high school students who live in and are educated in Pickens County.  This contest gives students an opportunity to test the writing skills they have been taught during their years of schooling. Students from public schools, home school and alternate educational programs have an equal opportunity to compete in this contest.

There are three categories: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The student may pick any subject upon which to write and is encouraged to write upon their own interest, whatever that might be. There is a 1,500 maximum word limit on fiction and non-fiction. Poetry is limited to a maximum of 50 lines.

The contest is set to begin next week, Thursday, September 20th and will end on Friday, October 19th. Prizes are to be awarded to the winners. Entry forms and further information will be forthcoming.