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All “children of Earth” welcome to Spirit Dance

Twelve Stone Farm entrance sign


A sacred spirit dance will be held at Twelve Stone Farm in Talking Rock. Red Turtle, organizer of the event, said everyone is welcome because “everyone is on the Medicine Wheel.” The Twelve Stone Farm sign includes an image of the Medicine Wheel. 


Red Turtle, a member of the Metis tribe and a Pickens resident, is inviting the community to a sacred Native American Spirit Dance in Talking Rock to “unite with our ancestors,” and “restore our life so that it is in harmony with Earth and our fellow man.” 

“Everyone is welcome,” Red Turtle said from his Tate home, which is adorned with Native American art

and has shelves filled with books on Native American culture. “Everyone is on the Medicine Wheel and in the Circle of Life. The dance is to remind us we are spiritual beings on a physical earth, and to let everyone remember we need to be balanced. If people have clothing or regalia that represents their heritage, we encourage them to wear it. It does not matter what your faith is, we can all benefit.”  

Red Turtle, a “mixed blood” of Native American and European decent, has attended many spirit dances himself, but was encouraged to hold his own after a dream two years ago. The dance, which he says is not a pow wow, will begin at sunup on Saturday, Oct. 6 and go until noon on Sunday, Oct. 7. The sacred fire will be lit at 7 a.m. on Saturday and burn for the duration of the event. Dancing and drumming will also last the entire event, but people are not required to dance. The only break in dancing will be around 2 p.m. when it will stop for a sacred Water Ceremony. Participants, who Red Turtle said are already numbering over 150, will bring water from their homeland. There will be prayers and blessings over the water, which will be combined and returned to Earth. 

The event is alcohol and drug free. Participants are encouraged to bring positive energy and prayers, and be respectful of the ceremony and other participants. 

“We are here to be all together as one person,” said Red Turtle. “Leave any issues you have at the gate. We are there to dance our prayers and honor mother Earth. We are destroying our Earth and need to be back in balance with Earth and with ourselves.” 

Other guidelines for people who would like to attend the spirit dance include:

•Women should wear a long skirt or sarong (calf or ankle length) to honor feminine energy.  

•Tobacco can be offered to the sacred fire. Enter the east gate, walk to the sacred fire and offer your tobacco and prayers. Return to the east gate to start your dance.

•Bring water and snacks/food. There will be a pot-luck style feast after the ceremony on Sunday. Bring a dish to share.

•The arena must be observed as a silent and sacred space. If you need to express your feelings you may walk out of ear reach to be respectful of those in the dance. 

The event is free, but donations will be collected to help for care of the rescue horses and for elders that need medical assistance. 

The event is held at Twelve Stone Farm, 576 Bunch Court, Talking Rock, Ga. 30175. Primitive camping is available.