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Remembrance service for Adelyn Grace Eubanks and Louise Reed Hogan Duncan Friday

We will be gathering to honor the lives of two very important people. Two people who both lost their lives one year ago in a tragic automobile accident on September 27, 2017. My Granny Louise passed away on the 27th, and my daughter Adelyn, who was only two, was life-flighted to CHOA Egleston, where she passed away on the 28th shortly after midnight. We will have a candle light vigil, and a balloon release. Everyone who knew them, and wants to be apart of remembering Adelyn, and Louise is welcome.

My granny was very well-known and loved by so many in our community. She knew everyone, and I do mean everyone. There we so many people at the funeral that they wouldn’t all fit in the church. Weeks after people were calling my family because they hadn’t heard about her passing. This is the reason I want to have this service, so that all the people who were not able to say goodbye will have the chance to do so. For the people that still miss her and want to show their love and support.

My daughter, Adelyn Grace, passed one month before her third birthday October 28, 2014. Adelyn never met a stranger. She was always so happy, loving, kind, funny, free-spirited, and the absolute best thing that had ever, and will ever happen to me.  Adelyn was loved and is still love by so many people, who lives she touched daily. My family, and myself were so fortunate to be able to spend the last few hours she had with her. I love you my itty bitty, and I miss you more than words will be able to describe. Two hearts will forever beat as one.

The service, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. will be held at  Lee Newton Park, 599 Stegall Dr., Jasper.