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Jasperse wins in a landslide, alcohol-by-the-drink passes

        Incumbent State Rep. Rick Jasperse won in a landslide Tuesday, taking more than 86 percent of the ballots in Pickens and a similar heavy margin district-wide over gun control advocate Lee Shiver.
Jasperse (R) thanked his supporters, saying he works hard everyday for his constituents and this affirms his efforts.
“People here showed they like the Republican leadership for Georgia and what we have done, record low unemployment and fully funded education among other things,” he said.
Expecting the loss, Shiver sent a letter to the editor ahead of press time for a statement. It appears in this week’s Progress.
In the only local issue, Pickens voters approved Sunday sales of alcohol by the drink for areas outside the city limits of Jasper. In all 8,202 favored the Sunday sales, 4,703 were opposed. Sunday sales are already legal inside Jasper city limits.
Across the board, Pickens continued its trend of heavily favoring GOP candidates with Brian Kemp taking almost 85 percent of the vote in the governor’s race here.
Pickens saw a record turnout for a mid-term with
13,387 people casting ballots, a 63 percent turnout.
Early voting saw 7,135 votes cast.