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Pond level lowered to keep Bent Tree Drive from flooding

drain pip

photo/Angela Reinhardt

County crews step in to keep a pond from rising and overtaking Bent Tree Drive last week with several inches of rain expected this week.


In an effort to keep water from flooding Bent Tree Drive due to heavy rains expected in the area this week, county crews helped a property owner drain water from a pond at the intersection Bent Tree Drive and Pendley Circle. 

According to Pickens Fire Chief Sloan Elrod, the pond’s overflow valve had been crushed and the pond was not draining properly. The property owner contracted with a company to repair the pond, but the

needed supplies would not be delivered until this upcoming Saturday, after anticipated rains. Elrod said he used the opportunity to train several of his men on water drafting from ponds and lakes.

The fire chief said it would take a significant amount of water at this point to flood the roadway, but noted they are going to try to stay ahead of rising water levels with monitoring and possibly another draining this week.