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Be thoroughly entertained by Tater Patch's "Greetings"

tater patch donato 2


Patrick Hall and Vanessa Stancil in a quieter scene of the thought-provoking work now showing at the community theater.


By Bre Donato

Guest reviewer


   There’s no better way to spend an evening than being entertained by the gripping edge-of-your-seat play Greetings!, a laugh-out-loud thought-provoking play at Jasper’s Tater Patch Players Community Theater.  

   The five very experienced Tater Patch actors truly embrace their roles and will have you wholeheartedly along for the ride and eagerly awaiting the next line. This comedy/drama by Tom Dudzick effortlessly entertains while also exploring an important metaphysical theme. 


   Phillip is perturbed to discover their soon-to-be daughter-in-law is not Catholic, no longer identifies with her Jewish heritage but is an atheist. 

   Meanwhile Emily, who lovingly accepts her husband’s constant grouching, is preoccupied with younger son Mickey’s (Tyler Roper),  strange new behavior. 

   Andy, anticipating his father’s disapproval, fights off a psychosomatic back problem. Randi, a struggling actress and full-time waitress, attempts to fit in with her new family. Phil and Emily bicker while Micky, who inhabits his own world, seems disconnected from the tense conversations around him.  

   As the family struggles for harmony, it doesn’t take long for everyone to realize Emily is right - something very unusual is happening with Mickey. 

   Hard questions about faith, the pursuit of happiness and acceptance are explored by Emily and all members of the Gorski family. 

   By the end of the play the whole family, even Phillip the elderly Archie Bunker-like curmudgeon, will see each other in a new light and finally come to understand what is truly important. 

   For an evening well spent, get your tickets now by going to or by visiting the box office on the dates of the performances. 


   Be sure not to miss this gripping play full of hilarious dialogue. Greetings!, which opened last weekend, will be playing June 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, & 30. 


Tickets for the play are available online at .