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Street preacher uses dowsing rods to find and communicate with ghosts

ghost dowser

       David Knight, paranormal hunter, at the historic Kirby-Quinton log cabin on Main Street in Jasper. Knight says he uses dowsing rods to locate and communicate with spirits, and believes this cabin is a “hot spot” of spiritual activity. 

        It was easy to see that David Knight’s enthusiasm was genuine, and he wholeheartedly believed what he was telling me – that the spirt world is real and he can communicate with it. His eyes widened and lit as he spoke.

“I was born with a gift,” said Knight, a Pickens resident who moonlights as a paranormal researcher and vlogger with over 1,500 videos on platforms like YouTube and GodTube. He’s also an ordained preacher. 

“I can see and hear spirits, which get really loud sometimes, that’s why I got into the paranormal in high school. I wanted to understand more about that world.” 

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