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Arbor Hills invites community to check out lights, share Christmas spirit

arbor hills IMG 3458


The Arbor Hills neighborhood, off Lumber Company Road, welcomes the community between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. through the holidays to view the lights they have installed at the entrance and on homes throughout the large subdivision.

Organized by Lea McMillan, the community has holiday light arches at the entrance (“quite a chore”) and  McMillan volunteered her family to help any residents who couldn’t string outside lights.

This is a first-year effort to “promote Christmas spirit” locally McMillian said and hopes those

driving through will enjoy it, but asks that they remember it’s their first year.

“We may not get a lot of oohs and aahs this year, but we are working on it,” she said. “We want to show the Christmas spirit.”

McMillan has a personal connection to Christmas lights. Her husband “a firefighter, man’s man,” took her on one of their first dates to see Christmas lights in the small, north Florida town of Sneads. “It was just really lovely,” she said.

At Arbor Hills, McMillan and other residents hope to share that sentiment with Jasper, and give people the chance to see lights locally. 

“We’ll see how it goes this year and next year we may expand,” she said.