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Statement from Jasper Mayor on COVID-19

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"I am pleased to report that we have continued to function and operate as your local government. "


Good Afternoon,



One week after the Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency concerning the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak from President Trump, I wanted to update our community on the current conditions of our local government and our operations. 


During a Special Called Meeting last night (Thursday, March 19, 2020) the City Council approved and enacted a local emergency ordinance that enables us to continue operating within certain parameters with allowances of meeting the immediate needs of our local government and community and to avoid unnecessary delays as it relates to costs and time.  Specifically, this ordinance is a necessary measure so that we can minimize disruptions in providing our community with the essential services of water, waste water, police and fire services that may arise with the uncertainties that seem to develop daily.


Since the national and state declaration, we have taken steps to comply with guidelines by restricting and closing city facilities to the general public; however, I am pleased to report that we have continued to function and operate as your local government.  These services are being provided without the in-person interactions so as to mitigate any unknown exposures to COVID-19 but we are continuing to process payments and work orders as received.  We have also continued to be mindful of the President’s request to minimize any gatherings of 10 or more persons to help “flatten the curve”.


Although the news and constant attention that COVID-19 is capturing can seem to be overwhelming, it is important to adhere to the advice of experts to integrate “social distancing” and other measures of minimizing our exposure to the virus, it is equally important to remember each of us may be individuals but we are one community.  The City of Jasper and Pickens County is a wonderful place to be and there is no other place in the world I would rather call home and to nearly isolate myself than here.  From the small businesses along Main Street as well as throughout this county along with our neighbors, please be aware that there is a lot of anxiety resulting from the uncertainty of what tomorrow holds.  As my faith continues to strengthen through this event I would like to encourage each of you to take a moment and reach out (figuratively of course) to your neighbor or that small business and ask how you can meet their needs.  It is times such as these that communities not only need to survive…but position themselves to strengthen each other so that in the future we all will thrive!


God Bless,

Steve Lawrence