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Important points for voters


     • Registration has closed for the upcoming November election. If you aren’t registered now, you will have to sit this one out.

     • You can vote early in Pickens County at the Pioneer Road Elections Office (across from the city park baseball fields) beginning October 13 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Note: you may see Oct. 12th listed as the start of early voting, but that is a federal holiday so the elections office will be closed.

     • Early Voting runs Monday through Friday through October 30th. Saturday voting will be October 24th from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Pioneer Road location. There is no Saturday voting the weekend immediately prior to the election, which people often mistakenly assume there will be.  

     • The actual election day is November 3 and on this day you must vote at your home polling location. If you don’t know where this is (and it is never the Pioneer Road office), check with the secretary of state MyVoterPage. Our suggestion just google My Voter Page.

County Election supervisor Julianne Roberts is predicting a very heavy turnout for the election with both the local commission chair and presidential race on the ballot. She said Pickens saw a turnout around 80 percent four years ago and felt we would see something “similarly impressive” this year. She didn’t speculate as to whether these strange times would produce a higher or lower turnout than four years ago.

• Roberts strongly encouraged people to vote early, especially if they have concerns about anything involving their voter information (which can be checked at the My Voter Page). “If there is any kind of name change issue, address question, we can address it right here,” said Roberts. She said on election day, it can create a problem at polling locations as someone who shows up with a problem with their registration would then have to go to the elections office.

• You may not wear political attire, masks into a polling location or within 150 feet of it. This is a federal rule. You also may not park within 150 feet of the election office if you have campaign material on your vehicle. You may park at the Chattahoochee Tech parking lot.

“I’ve seen a lot of shirts, hats and masks out there this year,” said Roberts who thought this might be a problem enforcing this rule, which they are mandated to do.

     For more questions either go by the elections, see the secretary of state website or call the elections office at 706-253-8781.