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Stancil, Jasperse, Trump win in landslides


           The Pickens Election Board working election night counting ballots at the Pioneer Road office. They were not dismissed until nearly 2 a.m. 

           Republican candidates have been declared winners by wide margins in local, state and national elections in Pickens County, despite some absentee ballots remaining to be counted Wednesday morning, November 4. 

            The Pickens Board of Elections worked until nearly 2 a.m. election night counting ballots, including opening remaining absentee ballots not opened the week before, scanning those into the system, and uploading votes when the county’s 12 precincts reported. The Secretary of State dismissed the board at 1:45 a.m.

            Pickens Elections Supervisor Julianne Roberts said the remaining absentee ballots to be counted were one bin from the Yellow Creek district, absentee ballots turned in later last week up through Election Day, military, overseas, and provisional ballots.

            “But I don’t think there are enough to change the status of any election,” Roberts said. 

            The board would begin counting the remaining ballots at 10 a.m. Wednesday and hoped to finished the same day.  

            Just before 10 a.m. Wednesday, Pickens Commission Chair candidate Kris Stancil (R) has gained significantly more votes than David Shouse (I), with 10,919, or 73.2 percent of votes cast. Shouse has secured 3,997, or 26.8 percent.

            At the state level, incumbent Rick Jasperse (R) has 13,083 votes (86.03 percent) over Kayla Hollifield’s (D) 2,125 votes (13.97 percent) in State House District 11. In Senate District 51, incumbent Steve Gooch (R) has 7,599 votes (84.56 percent) over June Krise (D) who has 1,387 (15.44 percent). 

            In the presidential race, Pickens voters have chosen incumbent Donald Trump (R) in a landslide over Joe Biden (D). Trump has 13,084 votes (84.55 percent) over Biden who has 2,183 (14.11 percent). 

            Roberts said there were no issues with voting machines on Election Day and voting ran smoothly. 

            Follow this link for other race results from Pickens County voters.