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Election 2020 local wrap up

Stancil makes plans as chair-elect; Shouse skeptical of vote totals. 


Precinct results from the 2020 General Election. 

     Pickens Elections Supervisor Julianne Roberts said Monday they are prepared for a statewide recount but believes Pickens vote totals wouldn’t change much, certainly not enough to affect anything.

The elections office has the paper ballots and cards from machines stored and backed up, so they can comply with whatever will be required from all Georgia counties. 

“It’s too close, you can pretty well bank on us having a recount,” she said.

Roberts, who has worked in elections for years, said there is always a chance that the machines used for scanning the paper absentee let two slide through together or something else odd happened. “They are machines so things can happen,” she said. But she noted this would be one or two votes at most.

      See this week's print or online edtions for full story, including more election news from the elections supervisor, comments from Stancil and Shouse, and detailed numbers from the Pickens Commission Chair race.