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Temperature machines at county buildings


       A visitor to the Pickens County Administration Building checks her temperature before entering. All visitors to this and two other county buildings will now use these stand-up temperature checking machines. 


“Verification succeeded. Please check temperature.” 

No doubt it feels very Total Recall - or some other dystopian sci-fi flick - but that’s what visitors to the Pickens Administration Building, the Pickens Courthouse, and the Pickens Recreation Center will hear when they have mandatory temperature checks at the new temperature-screening kiosks at those facilities. 

Visitors will walk up to a facial-recognition screen on a post just inside building entrances. The person is asked to align their face with the screen and camera so it can verify that person is, well, an actual person and not just a photo of a person. When they check out as an actual person, the computer will say, in a pleasant British voice, “Verification succeeded. Please

check temperature.”  The person then puts their wrist up to a sensor on the right side of the machine. No temp? The computer tells you “Normal temperature. Please wear a mask” and you can enter. Temperature? A loud siren goes off and lights flash to alert the person and county employees. That person would be denied entrance to the building. 

During busy seasons with lots of players and parents constantly entering their building, recreation director Brian Jones said the machines will take a big load off their staff who has been checking temperatures with forehead scanners. Other county leaders echoed this sentiment for the courthouse and admin buildings.  

In total, the county has purchased five temperature kiosks using federal CARES money. One of those machines will be placed at the Pickens Recreation Center, two at the Pickens Administration Building, and two at the Pickens Courthouse. The machines were approximately $2,000 a piece.