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Dobbs recognized for 30 years


     Pickens Chief Tax Appraiser Roy Dobbs, center, with (L-R) Pickens Commissioners Jerry Barnes and Becky Denney, wife Debbie Dobbs, daughter Kayla Kinzer, and Pickens Commission Chair Kris Stancil.  


Pickens’ Chief Tax Appraiser Roy Dobbs was recognized for three decades of employment with the county government. At a called Pickens Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Thursday, Feb. 4 Commission Chair Kris Stancil read a resolution marking Dobbs’ service. 

“Whereas, since the formation of Pickens County in 1853 our citizens have relied on the local government to provide health, safety and well-being of the community; 

“And whereas any endeavors of the community either succeed or fail because of the people involved;

“And whereas it appears that Roy Dobbs entered service to the citizens of Pickens County on January 2, 1991 and continued his career working as the Pickens County Tax Assessor; 

“And whereas it is proper and fitting to recognize an individual who had made Pickens County a better place to live and work by such diligent and faithful service, now for be it resolved that Roy G. Dobbs be and is commended for 30 years of faithful and diligent service to the citizens of Pickens County.” 

Dobbs’ wife and daughter were in attendance. Commissioner Becky Denney thanked Dobbs for his service and friendship. 


Meeting time changed

Commissioners voted to move their regular meeting time from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. New commission chair Kris Stancil wants to move the time back to try an accommodate people who work and who want to attend the meeting, but also keep it early enough that it is not a hinderance for employees required to attend. 

The board will reevaluate the time after a few months. 


Numerous appointments made

•Lesa Thomason was reappointed as County Clerk. 

•Karen Wheeler was reappointed as Deputy County Clerk. 

•Phil Landrum was reappointed as County Attorney. 

•Maurice (Toddy) Hendrix and Harold Hensley were reappointed to the Pickens Planning & Zoning Commission.

•Karen Benson was appointed to the Pickens Planning Commission to replace outgoing chair Bill Cagle, who resigned after serving many years in that role. 

•John Luke Weaver was appointed to the Industrial Development Authority to fill the unexpired term of Charles Finley, who stepped down from his position after serving many years. 

•W.A. (Red) Meaders, Don Martin, Ron Barnes, Bart Connelly and Bill Cagle were reappointed to the Board of Appeals. 

•Donna Enis, Jess Walker, and Brian Cleghorn were reappointed to the Recreation Board. 

•Ed Wood, Don Boggus, Jerry Edwards and David Johnson were reappointed to the Airport Authority Board. 


Other news from the 


•Becky Denney was appointed vice chair of the Pickens Board of Commissioners. 

•Commissioners approved a rezoning request to change 11 acres on Four Mile Church Road from Agricultural to Rural Residential. Applicant is Larry Ray. 

•Commissioners approved rezoning a 10-acre parcel on Smith Drive in Fairmount from Agricultural to Rural Residential. Applicants are Michael Bray on behalf of Stephanie Hunter. 

•Commissioners approved a Conditional Use request for a telecommunications satellite dish at 1250 Old Talking Rock Highway. Applicants are Via Sat on behalf of Brandon and Jamie Stone.