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The Hook and Eye Tavern leases Talking Rock rail car

Public meeting in March to discuss town’s future

talking rock brewery

The town of Talking Rock has signed a lease on the second of two rail cars that sit along their main drag (Hwy. 136). One contains a microbrewery, already open. The second will house a restaurant.

     The tiny town of Talking Rock, which its website states “has not changed much since its beginning in 1883 when the train was the lifeline of the town,” appears to have change on the radar. City leaders recently entered into a lease agreement that will bring a restaurant to one of two stationary railcars in the heart of Talking Rock; the other now houses a brewery. Town leaders want to see more businesses that fit the town’s character added in the future. 

     See this week's print or online editions to find out more about the restaurant and Town Hall meeting.