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Morale at “all time low” at Jasper Fire over pay issues

Raises "not fiscally responsible" at this time, say city officials

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An entire shift of Jasper firefighters called in sick Saturday the week after a tense situation over pay, and discussion about a raise employees believed they would receive but did not. No one would confirm the mass call-out was because employees were disgruntled but an anonymous source who works with the department said morale has never been lower, and that firefighters feel undervalued and underpaid.

This was the first time an entire shift has been known to call out. County crews had to help cover Saturday, March 6.

City Manager Brandon Douglas said he wholeheartedly supports public service workers and "doesn't disagree" pay in that department and citywide should be reviewed, but that giving raises during the uncertainty of a pandemic and other budgetary issues "would not be wise or fiscally responsible."

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