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Rotary has distributed 74,043 free meals in Pickens since July

rotary rood truck

     Rotarians and Headstart staff are unloading 100 boxes of free USDA government food for Headstart families.  Ten other Pickens non-profits received the 35 pound food box.  Amicalola EMC transported the perishable fresh food.


By Jasper Rotary


     The Rotary Club of Jasper took advantage of the USDA Farm to Families Program to receive and distribute six loads of 550 free food boxes to area non-profits totaling 74,043 meals. The 35-40 food pound boxes contained milk, eggs, produce, cheese, meat and various vegetables.

Rotary District 6910 had a Feed 1 Million Food Challenge and asked clubs to signup if they wanted to participate.  Max Caylor, club president,  said, “If we can help our residents with free food we are going to get all we can for them.”   

Amicalola EMC CEO/President Todd Payne and Amicalola’s staff have been instrumental in the logistics of unloading the trailer and reloading for distribution. Payne said, “We are happy to help because these are or customers and we have another opportunity to help them with food. The EMC staff are also responsible for helping Gilmer Rotary distribute 40,000 meals.

The most difficult delivery was that one load could not go to Jasper but could only go to Talking Rock’s zip code 30175. Rotary and EMC organized pickup stations at Hinton United Methodist Church, Talking Rock First Baptist Church and Bart’s Store in Blaine.  The 550 boxes were gone in 90 minutes.

The next food truck is scheduled to be delivered to EMC on April 20th and eight nonprofits and 550 families will have free government food to help them eat and save money. 

Headstart, the Burnt Mountain Center, the Boys & Girls Club, CARES, Timothy House, ACES, Jasper Housing Authority and Cowboy Church receive the food boxes. “As long as the district and USDA provide the food we are going to get it to our people,” said Caylor.