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Best Stroll Yet

Front crowd

        With 250 registered green clad walkers, perfect weather, and lively entertainment,  organizers say this fourth Shamrock Stroll in downtown Jasper was the best one to date.

This marked the first big public event in Jasper since the COVID shutdown last year and Dale Morrissey, the senior director for community engagement with Reinhardt, said, “I think people were just happy to be outdoors and in a good mood.”

Morrissey pointed out that the event began at Reinhardt’s Cauble School of Nursing and Health Sciences on D.B. Carroll Street that opened in the past year and boasts a growing enrollment. “We were really happy to be able to start it there, but the Pickens Scholars programs benefits Pickens students in all areas at the university, said Morrissey.

And she felt that ending it at the courthouse in the center of town helped all the businesses who stayed open. “I think we made an impact for the downtown,” she said. “It all fell into place. We had a lot of good help.”