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“They’re Coming:” Development officials say growth is here

development new homes galore

        At Grandview at Gateway, new homes are popping up and being sold at a quick pace. Another two developments are also in some stage of construction along Highway 515 south of Jasper.


o describe where we sit on the development scale, Green Suttles, the joint Jasper/Pickens County economic developer, used an analogy of a grass fire with the metro area as the center and expanding outward. “I would say right now the edge of this grass fire is Ball Ground,” Suttles said in an April interview.

To add some figures to this, Suttles points out Gwinnett County has more than 900,000 people; 204,000 in Hall County and 258,000 in Cherokee County. “Now move over one inch on the map,” he said. His meaning that just barely moving your finger on a Georgia map puts you from dense population over to Pickens (population around 30,000). 

Both Pickens and Dawson counties are still mostly rural but just a slight movement in the neighboring populations and numbers will rise dramatically, he said.

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