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Farmers market keeps growing this summer

farmers market

     Our market had a wonderful and cooler day to do business. Setting up in the park lining the walkway were many happy vendors. It was a  peaceful, gentle, and happy morning. Knowing it’s the Independence Day weekend brightened everyone’s mood.

Vivian Tritt always has three delicious sorbets for immediate consumption. This week she brought watermelon. How appropriate for the holiday. She always has several choices of sorbet to take home; the list is long, so it’s best if you go and read it and drool yourself.

There was much to be found including chocolate dipped macaroons. Yum. The bakers were really showing off their goods. Zach Henson’s table was loaded with garden goodness. There is lots of garlic and squash

available now from more than one vendor.

Our lady from Ellijay, brought her bundles of lavender and many flowers from her garden so customers could make their own bouquets. She also had hydrangeas in blue, pink, and white, plus some planted containers. The plant adoption tent had many plant choices including a tall grass. Camille had her mixed container pots of colorful plants. All three had Rose of Sharon plants. Each a different color.

Next weekend (and Wednesday) the market will be back to the usual spot, the Park n’ Ride parking lot across from the Veteran’s Memorial at Lee Newton Park. 

The market is sponsored by the Pickens County Master Gardeners and all the customers are appreciated for stopping by. Be sure to go by on Wednesday between 11 and 2 for our extra Summer market.