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Georgia Power utility work to continue into October

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Jennifer Paire / Photo


This driver, who followed instructions to drive slowly through the construction zone on Gennett Drive in Jasper, gets a wave from Flagger Force's field specialist Daeshawn Covington. "I rock my paddle back and forth because it's going to help get their attention." These crews have been seen around town for months as part of Georgia Power’s Grid Investment Plan project. Ever wonder what these workers think about all day while they direct traffic? See a related story on Page 10B that delves into the day-to-day life of a flagger. 

        It’s been about 10 months since Georgia Power work began in Pickens for the company’s Grid Investment Plan, a statewide project to put powerlines underground and “enhance service and reliability in communities across Georgia.”

Georgia Power is investing $1.3 billion over the next three years as the initial phase of the multi-year project. But after so many months of construction, local motorists have grown weary of traffic delays. Work has recently

shifted from a concentration in downtown Jasper to Cove and other outlying roads where in some spots crews have been in the same location for several weeks. 

Responding to complaints from local residents, the Progress got in touch with Georgia Power Spokesman Craig Bell to discuss the project that was originally set to be completed by this past January. 

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