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“Ginormous” gift will let blind student check out books

 Educators  go above and beyond to get braille books at JMS 


photo/Angela Reinhardt

Cherokee High School Media Specialist Anne Nechvatal, left, and Jasper Middle School Media Specialist Mary Perdue with 6th grader Charlee Ray. Charlee, who is blind, now has dozens of braille books thanks to the efforts of educators in the Cherokee and Pickens school systems.  

Jasper Middle School student Charlee Ray was visibly excited as a media specialist from Cherokee County unboxed braille books she’ll now be able to check out from the library.

“This is so awesome,” Charlee said as her fingers ran across the title pages – “A Dog Called Kitty” by Bill Wallace; a historical fiction series about the Titanic; “Fluffy Meets the Tooth Fairy,” and more. “They’re ginormous,” she told the librarians with a big cheshire grin. 

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