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Library lecture goes radioactive

Standing-room-only crowd hears about nuclear site in Dawson County

 Dr. James Mahaffey and his lecture on the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory drew a large crowd to the Pickens County Library. Click here for a previous local story about the nuclear site.  

       Dr. James Mahaffey, acclaimed nuclear engineer and author of the new book Atomic Adventures, hit a nerve with his lecture about the defunct nuclear testing site in Dawson County that, like most things in the world of nuclear history, is shrouded by rumor, myth and classified information. 

      During the presentation, held at the Pickens County Library on Thursday, May 18th, Dr. Mahaffey outlined the rise and fall of the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory that operated on part of a 10,000-acres tract in the Dawson Forest between 1957 and 1971. Today, ominous remains from the testing facility are still at the site – concrete foundations, an abandoned “hot cell” building, and a flooded underground control room. 

Graduates: There’s a lot of wisdom in comedy

Ah, graduation. It’s the time of year in every student’s life (and their parent’s lives) to become reflective, to celebrate, and maybe even panic a…

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