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photo/Eli Galligan “Always be teachable. Never think that you’re better than anybody, because art is simply about expression. It’s not a competition,” artist Tyler Metz said as he worked at the local Dunkin Donuts.

Coffee and Painting:A perfect combo for artist Tyler Metz

Artist Tyler Metz frequently visits the Jasper Dunkin Donuts and can be found crafting beautiful landscape and still-life paintings.

            A staff-favorite and regular at Dunkin, he enjoys painting in many different environments, preferably ones with people.

            “I could paint on the side of the road. It can be in a field somewhere. But really where I like to paint the most is where people are,” Metz said.

            As a still-life painter in acrylics, Metz enjoys observing people and loves to see the impact that art makes on the days of others.

            “It’s nice for people to have a little art in their day. It seems to be that it brings people a lot of joy,” said Metz.

            The local artist makes an effort to incorporate creativity in art into his career and everyday life. With a career in heating and air, he says art and music provides a healthy balance. 

            “If you’re ever having a frustrating day, we can either take it out on the work or come home and create something,” Metz said.

            Not only is Metz able to  balance his interests and career, but he beautifully incorporates art into his full time work. Creativity in the heating and air industry could go unrecognized, but he teaches us how we can all utilize creative thought into our everyday lives.

            “I do incorporate a lot of art into what I do for a living in a way that centers around the design and architecture of what I’m doing,” Metz said.

            Metz enjoys painting wildlife and landscapes, especially ones with strong aquatic themes. With a natural eye for storytelling and observation, Metz appreciates inanimate objects and loves to enhance and narrow in on their artistic spirit.

            “There are just so many mundane items around us that do take on a certain life of their own. I think that when we take those items and paint them, we honor their spirit in a way,” he said.

            As inspiration for his paintings, Metz also loves to capture environmental and urban scenery of all kinds.

            “A lot of times, people go places because of the scenery. I do like to capture the essence of the scenery around us. And it’s cool to show your painting to someone, and they know exactly where and what it is,” Metz said.

            Several of his favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, August Renoir, and Henri Matisse and he spoke of the impact these artists have on his expression and approach to painting.

            “I’d say that they have a large impact on how I view art and how I carry myself as an artist. What I’ve learned from them is to always be teachable. Never think that you’re better than anybody, because art is simply about expression,” Metz said.

            Metz also commented on challenges beginner artists face and offers advice to those looking to delve into painting or other similar art forms.

            “Anybody can do art. A lot of beginners are deterred because they try to copy artists that they see and they can’t quite get there.” Metz encouraged beginners to  “…never be too hard on yourself because it’s not a competition.”

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