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Escaping boredom in the virtual world

By Luke Soulimiotis

Gamer Luke Soulimiotis is a Pickens High School senior and a member of the school’s E-sports team. Soulimiotis is playing one his favorite games, Mario Kart, on his Nintendo Switch console. He usually plays either the Switch or computer games.

            Video games are something I’ve been familiar with since I was four years old. It was always a joy to sit down and venture into whatever virtual world I felt like experiencing next. With an almost endless possibility to be found somewhere, it’s no wonder I have been drawn to play games in my free time.

            My first game system was the Wii, which introduced me to Mario, a very well-known video game character. As a kid, I was very fond of Nintendo games, including many Mario games. I guess they just gave off a certain sense of charm I liked. Even today, I have a Nintendo Switch and occasionally play games on it. A neat part of playing games is being able to talk with other people about them, especially when I was young. It was lovely for me to make friends by talking about things we had in common or went through. I know by now that games make for a great bonding experience, either by playing with friends or talking about them.

            Games have had a genuine impact on many people’s lives, including mine. Not too long ago, the world went through the pandemic of Covid-19, forcing many people inside. Thanks to that, gaming became an outlet for people to connect and express themselves virtually. Whether that be escaping to worlds of adventure or forging friendships with the people they met online. The vastness of what video games can become and accomplish is why so many different kinds of people can enjoy them. With so many things to do across many games, there’s fun to be found somewhere.

            While I mostly play games to pass the time, there is a competitive nature to certain games, which I definitely appreciate. The challenge of going against other people and coming out on top within the rules of the game gives you a feeling of accomplishment like no other. This year I even joined an e-sports team for my school, something I couldn’t have imagined a few years back. Playing competitively with others is typically more fun than being alone, and it’s awesome to persevere as a team. Even though games can be very frustrating at times, the fun and memories from them make it worth it.

            Generally, I find gaming to be a fun way to escape boredom while practicing skills I’ve learned as a bonus. I naturally consider it my hobby, since it has always been there for me.

Good Vibes

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