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Jasper cyclist touring U.S hit by car


   Photo of McGhee crossing into Texas on his bicycle. Unfortunately for McGhee his ride around the country suffered a set back after he was hit by a car in Navasota, Texas.

     While cycling along a farm to market road in southeastern Texas Monday, Mike McGhee was struck by a vehicle, breaking his shoulder, mangling his bike and cracking his guitar.

“Actually I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in. I’m extremely lucky,” McGhee joked during a phone interview from his hotel in Navasota, Texas where he will spend a few days recovering. “I’ve got a broken shoulder, but it’s not really that bad – it doesn’t require surgery.”

McGhee said he had minor bruises and scrapes and was “kind of sore” but intends to continue his journey around the perimeter of the United States that he started on New Years Day.

McGhee had traveled to South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana before entering Texas a few days ago. Monday around lunchtime he was hit by a passing car while travelling through Sam Houston State Forest in Navasota, Texas just north of Houston. He said he has no recollection of being hit, but the men who struck him carried him to the nearest hospital.

“I was pretty darn lucky,” he said. “Clara (his bike) is pretty well mangled up and my guitar got a crack and my iPad with its Lifeproof case is completely destroyed. A variety of things got injured. My helmet completely shattered. My helmet saved me one more time.”

After his discharge from the hospital, police gave him a ride to a nearby Best Western where he will spend some time recovering. McGhee said he might return to Jasper to have a new bike shipped to him and re-stock. He might, however, have the bike shipped to Austin and spend a little time there enjoying the music scene. McGhee, a musician himself, is trekking around the country in support of the Fender Music Foundation. 

“I’d like to continue the journey. I think I can. The shoulder will heal and unlike most bikes, my recumbent doesn’t require me to put weight on my shoulders.”

Prior to the accident, McGhee said the trip was very fun.

“I was having a blast. Everything’s just going great and as I expected it to be. There were some rain storms and some other things, but it just made the good days even better.”

McGhee said while his plan to continue may seem “pig headed, stupid and male-ish” he is excited about the prospect of completing his journey in a year.

“I think I can still finish in my planned time. I was trying to think of ways to slow down a bit anyway.”

McGhee said he has lost probably 15-20 pounds since he started. 

“I was a little heavy when I started. I had a lot of holiday turkey.”

Follow him on Instagram at mikemcghee54.

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