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High School Third Place “Tips on Being a Teen” by Bailey Stewart

Hi. My name is Dana. I decided to start this blog so all teens could get advice from me and their peers. Just ask a question and we’ll answer.


1.     Some of my friends are starting to say unkind things about other people at school and I don’t feel comfortable with their words. What should I do without hurting their feelings or ending our friendship?


Your friends are probably going through a stage of jealousy and want to make them feel better about themselves. They are belittling other people to make them feel as if they’re above everyone else. You should make sure to say positive things about them and the people they’re making fun of. Eventually, they will get back to being their original selves.


2.     I see a lot of bullying going around in the school and I want to stop it, but I have no clue how. How can I help those who are being bullied and eventually stop bullying altogether?


Be sure to help comfort the students being bullied. You can offer to sit by them at lunch, or invite them over to study. In any case, be sure to tell a teacher or a trusted adult about the bully. Don’t worry about feeling like a tattle-tale because your actions are worth it.


3.     I’m new to the school and I don’t have any friends here yet. I feel awkward and out of place during class and don’t know what to do or who to hang out with. What should I do?


Be yourself. All you need to do is be nice and act normal. During class one day, you could ask a group if you can work with them, or at lunch as if you can sit with a certain table. Chances are they will say yes in either event. Once you become acquainted with everyone, it will be very easy to decide who your friends will be.


4.     I am being made fun of for all the acne I have and I have become very self-conscience about my appearance. I am embarrassed and don’t know how to be more outgoing. Please help!


First off, ask your mom or dad to buy you some acne face cream. It will help get rid of some of your current acne. You can also try washing your face every night to remove any dirt that might clog up your pores. If you want to be more outgoing, just be yourself and voice your opinions. I hope that helps.


5.     I am falling behind in my homework and need better preparation for tests and quizzes! I need major help!


What you need to do is make a plan. You need to organize your work so you can get it done on time and still have time to do other things. For example; if you have an assignment due on Friday in each class, you can do math on Monday, language arts on Tuesday, social studies on Wednesday, and science on Thursday. Each night, make time for your daily homework as well. And don’t forget to study at least 10 minutes each night, especially if you have a quiz or test coming up. 


6.     I am constantly losing my homework and not remembering to do it or bring it back to school. My grades have dropped from an A to a C! How can I start remembering and bring my grades back up?


To remember your homework, start by putting a reminder on your phone or iPod. You can put sticky notes on your bedroom door, alarm clock, backpack, or fridge.  Have a friend text you or have your mom or dad remind you the night before and in the morning before you go to school. Make sure you have a place where you mainly do your homework. That way, you will eventually get into the habit of putting your homework there so you won’t forget it. To raise your grade, ask your teachers for extra credit work and make sure you study for all your tests and quizzes.


7.     I can’t remember my locker combination. I always forget even after I’ve repeated it about a thousand times! How can I make remembering easier?


Try remembering each number of your combination as a date.  My combination last year was 1-33-15. It was easy for me to remember because my mom’s birthday is on the first (1) day on the month, my address number is 33 and my birthday is on the fourteenth day of the month, which is close to 15. Just try doing that and see if it helps.





    Hey, Dana here, I would like to thank everyone who helped on the blog and gave advice. I would also like to thank those who asked for advice. It has been a fun experience being able to help my peers in a new and creative way. I would like to mention that this website will soon be deleted, but a continued version of my blog can be found on  Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in making this great!



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