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The farmers market moved last week to the other side of Lee Newton Park but will be back at the normal spot in the Park-N-Ride where they have offered great veggies, homemade food and creative handmade items for a quarter of a century this Saturday.

Jasper Farmers Market marks 25th anniversary Saturday

Submitted By Jasper Farmers Market

A wonderful Fourth of July weekend and the Jasper Farmers Market was held at the back of Lee Newton Park. The vendors lined the walking path to the east while customers parked neatly in the grass to the west. Many people strolled from the market to the festival grounds or walked from the festival grounds to see the market, so there were plenty of people filling the path. 

There was plenty of produce and bread bakers mixed in with the creative folks including CJ Equine. How nice someone is thinking of the horses! Oiled and Spoiled had t-shirts and essential oils. Woodworker Dan had a butterfly house! How nice someone is thinking of butterflies! You can find many creative ideas at the Jasper Farmers Market. If you were thinking of getting a trellis for your roses, it can be had. How about wooden spoons for cooking? It can be had. Soaps? Yes, it too can be had. 

Come and explore the Jasper Farmers Market next Saturday in its usual spot, the Park N Ride parking lot across from the Veteran’s Memorial Park. 

Next Saturday will be a special celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Jasper Farmers Market! There will be light refreshments to be enjoyed by all who come. Please come and celebrate with all the happy folks who make the market a joy to visit and shop at. 

Say, “Hello” to our market manager, Jenny Fellenbaum. She is the dedicated organizer and leader from year to year. She is also a Pickens County Master Gardener, who by the way, are the sponsors of the Jasper Farmers Market. 

The PCMGs will have their plant tent up as well if you need some garden information, help, or just need a plant or two. There will be a good assortment of MG’s home grown plants to choose from. 

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