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Keep Pickens Beautiful closes out incredible 2023 and looks to keep momentum going in 2024

Submitted By Keep Pickens Beautiful

            Keep Pickens Beautiful is one of Pickens County’s oldest non-profit organizations, and through the years, we’ve provided a broad range of services to the community.  As we’re closing out an amazing 2023, we’re looking forward to an action-packed 2024. We hope you’ll join us!

            Take a moment to review some of our 2023 accomplishments and see how we plan to build on them in 2024:

            • Adopt-A-Road – Since 1998, our volunteers have cleaned more than 8,000 miles of roadside, collecting almost 650,000 gallons of trash! In 2023, they volunteered 539 hours to clean 264 miles and collect 14,571 gallons of garbage. We built new databases in 2023 and added mobile capabilities for our volunteers to track their efforts and report their pick-ups. We’re working to expand the program in 2024 with the hopes of reaching 1 million gallons of trash collected by 2025!

            • Edible Pickens – Since KPB adopted this program in 2021, we’ve planted many thousands of edible and native plants in our various gardens.  In 2023, we added new gardens at the Community Thrift Store and in Lee Newton Park. In 2024, we will install new gardens in Talking Rock and at the Pickens County Library, and we hope to expand to other parts of the county. 

            This ‘functional beautification’ program both beautifies our community and also benefits the residents by providing food as well as education to empower them to grow their own gardens.

            • Cigarette Litter Prevention – In 2022 we collected 3,500 cigarette butts and cigars from the cigarette litter containers we’ve installed throughout the county.  In 2023, we collected 8,368 cigarette butts and 138 cigars! All butts are sent to TerraCycle to be composted (tobacco) and recycled (paper and filters).

            • Recycling and waste reduction –We continue to work closely with the Pickens County Recycling Center to educate the community and promote awareness. In 2023, we hosted another CRT TV recycling event and have been working to update the information on our website to educate the community about various ways they can reduce their waste. 

            In 2024, we hope to secure enough funds to provide in-home ‘recycling stations’ to help our residents pre-sort their items to make it easier for their visits to the recycling centers.

            • Community engagement – In 2023, we participated in numerous community events and hosted a variety of workshops. Next year we plan to expand our community reach with a robust calendar of activities for 2024, including a broad range of programs. In addition to collaborating with other groups and organizations, we’re looking to hire local educators to lead new activities so we can grow the variety of programs we sponsor. 

            Our goal is to engage new members of the community as we expand our KPB family.  Additionally, by hiring local instructors to lead these new programs, we’re supporting the work of many skilled and knowledgeable community members.

Upcoming Events

            Watch our Calendar of Events and our Facebook group for updates about our 2024 projects and programs.  We are working on lots of exciting activities. We hope you’ll join us – get involved with us to meet your neighbors and do good things. As our population continues to grow, the need to preserve our beautiful county becomes increasingly important.  Join the KPB Community!

Thanks to our supporters

            The KPB Staff and Board of Directors want to thank our members, local businesses partners, and organizations who have supported us this past year.  We’ve been working to improve and expand the organization to better serve our residents, which requires additional resources.              Because of this support, we’re able to continue growing to serve the growing needs of our county.

            As you consider which of the organizations in our community you’d like to support with a year-end donation, please remember KPB.

            We hope you will assist us in our efforts to continue our mission of making a positive impact in our community.                                    Your support, whether it is a one-time donation, an annual membership, or sponsorship of a particular initiative, will enable us to continue educating our Pickens County residents about responsible environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.                           Throughout our history, we have always operated on a tight budget so we know how to make each dollar you donate go a long way. 

            You can be assured your investment will be rewarded with visible returns in local education, beautification, and recycling initiatives.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss volunteer opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 706-253-3600 or  The office is open daily 11:00 – 3:00.

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