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Pickens grows by 13 percent

Latest Census figures show us as the 56th most populous county in the state

2020 U.S. Census figures released last week show that Pickens County has a population of 33,216 – up 12.9 percent from the 2010 population of 29,431. This is a population density of 143.1 people per square mile. 

 Pickens County is now ranked 56th in the state for population. 

 Pickens grew more than the state average of 10.6 percent from 2010 to 2020, but still has a lower population density than the state average of 185.6. In the 2000 Census, Pickens had a population of 22,983. The population density was 99 people per square mile at that time. 

 Cherokee County’s population grew by 24.4 percent and Dawson County’s by 20 percent from 2010 – 2020, both significantly more than Pickens’. Other surrounding counties had populations that grew by less of a percentage (see below). 

 Green Suttles, Economic Developer for Jasper/Pickens County, said these numbers demonstrate growth coming from the metro-Atlanta area with population increases larger near the city. They grow smaller as you travel north. 

 “I think these look like very reasonable numbers,” Green said, noting that ongoing and future growth in Pickens is shaping up to be more significant. “I know I filled out my Census around March of 2020, and that was before things started going gangbusters here.” 

 Suttles compiled data from the county and city and found there are approximately 880 homes either under construction or in the planning stages on property that has been zoned for development. In the city of Jasper, for example, Suttles said their midterm report for building permit fees in 2021 has already overtaken fees collected for the entire year in 2020. 

 The 2020 Census also found that the nation, including Georgia, saw population increases in metro areas, as well as increased diversity. 

 The Capitol Beat news service reported, “The first detailed data from the 2020 Census covering cities, counties and census blocks showed the concentration of Americans in the nation’s metropolitan areas increased from 84.3 percent in 2010 to 86.3 percent last year. Population growth in Georgia during the decade was limited primarily to the counties in metro Atlanta and along the coast. On the other hand, many of the counties in rural Georgia lost population between 2010 and 2020, including large swaths of south Georgia.”  

 The following are populations figures for the state and counties surrounding Pickens:


Population Density (2020): 185.6 people per square mile

Total population (2020): 10,711,908 

Total population (2010): 9,687,653 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 1,024,255 

Percent change (2010–2020): 10.6


Population Density (2020): 73.6 people per square mile 

Total population (2020): 31,353 

Total population (2010): 28,292 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 3,061 

Percent change (2010–2020): 10.8


Population Density (2020): 127.1 people per square mile 

Total population (2020): 26,798 

Total population (2010): 22,330 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 4,468 

Percent change (2010–2020): 20.0


Population Density (2020): 65.4 people per square mile 

Total population (2020): 25,319 

Total population (2010): 23,682 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 1,637 

Percent change (2010–2020): 6.9


Population Density (2020): 633.2 people per square mile 

Total population (2020): 266,620 

Total population (2010): 214,346 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 52,274 

Percent change (2010–2020): 24.4


Population Density (2020): 161.4 people per square mile 

Total population (2020): 57,544 

Total population (2010): 55,186 

Numeric change (2010–2020): 2,358 

Percent change (2010–2020): 4.3 

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