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Dayna Timmer PharmD, owner of Mountainside Pharmacy

Local Pharmacy featured on nationally broadcast podcast program

Follow this link to find the podcast Pharmacy Crossroads

            The owner of Mountainside Pharmacy in Tate, Georgia, was recently featured on a major national podcast program geared towards independent pharmacy owners.  Dayna Timmer, PharmD, says she was approached by the podcast founder, Bruce Kneeland, and invited to share her tips for success with his nationwide audience. 

            Kneeland says Timmer was selected to be on the show because of her unique approach to pharmacy.  For starters, he says, she opened her pharmacy during a time when many chains and independents are closing their doors due to tough competitive conditions. 

            Kneeland says Timmer opened Mountainside Pharmacy, located at 4875 Hwy 53 E, in Tate in October of 2022.  He adds that Timmer focuses her practice on compounding.  Compounding is a special kind of pharmacy where medications are formulated on site using a variety of pharmaceutical ingredients, approved by the FDA, but mixed to meet the medical needs of a specific patient. 

            In the podcast Timmer shares how she works with local physicians to carefully formulate prescription medications to help with things like; male and female hormone replacement, to flavor medications for pets or create liquids that make taking medications easier for children. 

            Timmer also shares how getting involved in the community has helped her build her practice.  She is a board member of the Pickens County Chamber of Commerce, attends meetings with the local Rotary Club, and makes sure her pharmacy supports other community events. 

            In the podcast she tells other pharmacy owners that getting involved helps her understand the needs of the community and allows her to meet people who can tell others about her pharmacy. 

            Kneeland says he found it especially interesting that Timmer chose to open her compounding pharmacy adjacent to a traditional retail pharmacy, Bell’s Family Pharmacy. Timmer says the combination of traditional and compounding pharmacies, working in unison, provides residents of Tate and surrounding communities with the best of both worlds. 

            You can learn more about Timmer’s pharmacy on her web site or by calling, 678-454-2323.   

            Kneeland says the goal of his podcast program is to help independent pharmacy owners learn from one another.  He says it helps them to find ways to meet the needs of their community by offering products, programs and services that aren’t provided by large chain pharmacies. 

            While the podcast is geared to pharmacy owners anyone can listen by going to the program’s web site:

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