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Middle School Fiction Second Place — Dalton Crowe


Kyle and Jasmine

By Dalton Crowe of PCMS

    Hi my name is Kyle Monet. I am a thirteen year old boy from True Breeze, Illinois. My mom says I have gorgeous blue eyes and soft brown hair. I wouldn’t know that though because of my “irrational fear of mirrors” at least that’s what the doctors say. The actual reason is because I am afraid that what I see in it will be ugly.

When I was six years old I was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. They gave me about 15 years to live, possibly 16, if I was healthy enough. They told my parents that even if I do go into treatment there is only a twenty percent chance I will live through the treatment or surgery. Sounds pretty bad right? I bet you’re wondering if there is anything good in my life. Well there is something. Well not even something, but someone her name is Jasmine Air. Everything about her is perfect from her caring, ocean, blue eyes, to her straight, brilliant, shining, black hair. She makes all A’s in school, is very nice to everyone and is my best friend in the world. Actually she is the only one I have left… She is always there for me. The biggest example of that is actually a long story.

   Jasmine and I were in the 4th grade, both of us were in Mrs. Marvin’s class. One day on our classes’ turn on the playground; I went over to my special spot just like always. It is in the top right corner of the playground, where I could see everyone like the girls with their curly blonde perfumed disgusting looking hair gossiping about who knows what. Or the lonely boy on the swings that was always pale. I could smell all the good things behind the playground like the blossoming cherry trees, the sweet honey smells, and the little poppy flowers. Everything was perfect until I had one of those bad things… A seizure.

   I started convulsing harder than usual which is a sign that something was seriously wrong. I fell to the ground shaking rapidly, Jasmine came running over, everything was blurry, and time seemed to slow down. Blurrier, blurrier and blurrier, Jasmine was on her phone I guess calling 9-1-1, other kids were running towards me, and others running towards the teacher. The teacher was running towards me too. Then I blacked out. When I awoke it was still and quiet around me. It was a weird kind of waking up I felt sort of floaty then, I looked down and I saw the ambulance and Jasmine hopping in the back to ride along with my mom who worked as a nurse for the responding hospital. Then I rolled over on my back. It felt like I was being carried up by clouds. I saw Angels above me with their arms outstretched, one of them picked me up. She smelled cinnamony like the cinnamon buns my mom and I used to make. Another one stood behind me and stroked my hair out of my eyes her skin felt soft and smooth like Jasmines. They told me it wasn’t my time and that the Lord was blessing me to live longer. I started to cry I didn’t want them to leave me because it felt so good being there with them but they put me down anyway. I woke up again not feeling floaty any more. I heard words coming out of the paramedics while drifting in and out of consciousness.


In “Vital signs are l” Out

In “but he’s my baby” Out

In “there is nothing we can do” Out

In “Please NO!” Out


   The next thing I know I’m at the hospital my mom, Jasmine, her dad Marcos, and mom Julia. When they see me wake up Jasmine’s parents start to leave. Apparently they made a deal with my mom that when I woke up that they were going to leave. Jasmine obviously didn’t want to go because she began to cry. Her parents ask her what is wrong and she says to them.

   “What’s wrong is that Kyle is my friend and he almost DIED today and as soon as you see him open his eyes you start to leave and trust me if you do I will never ever forgive you!”

   Or something like that my hearing isn’t the greatest after almost dying you know. But whatever she said, it must have convincing because Jasmine never left me alone for even 2 seconds.

   Even on the next day after the doctors released me to go home Jasmine came over bringing along with her soup chocolate and a “Percy Jackson” book to read until I felt better

   I knew that going to school again was going to be scary but I know I’ll be fine as long as she’s there.

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