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Planning commission handles four property splits at July meeting

                  The planning commission’s work July 8 had a theme – property owners wanting to make splits of smaller acreage parcels. The four different property owners before the commission presented rezoning requests to accommodate existing homes or to allow single homes on each piece.

• First up was Tony Hollifield on Grandview Road who wished to separate and rezone 1 acre of the 2.67 acres where he lives. He has both a house and mobile home on the property but to re-finance he needs the mobile home on a separate lot, he told the commission.

                  Ashley Craig from the planning office termed this a “corrective” action as the stick built home and mobile home shouldn’t have been on a single lot zoned rural residential to begin with. According to discussion both homes had been there for about nine years and it was approved by county personnel when the mobile home was added. To correct this, the zoning for the one-acre portion would be changed to suburban residential.

                  One nearby homeowner spoke against this, saying everything in the area is rural residential and has larger lots. He said since this area is the drainage for Long Swamp Creek, the location of the city water system intake, it’s important to protect the area and not allow smaller lots under suburban residential classifications.

                  The speaker felt this change would set a precedent and open the door for additional smaller lots.

                  Craig was asked directly by Planning Commission Chair Clayton Preble if she felt this would create a precedent to which she said no, as this was a corrective action.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the change. Voting in favor were Jason Mayfield, Jim Fowler, Karen Benson, and Pat Holmes. Commission members Kevin Ward and Harold Hensley were not present.

                  • Charles Hoetink the owner of Canoe Vineyard and Winery on Inland Drive was given a recommendation to proceed with separating and rezoning six acres of his 36 acre tract from agriculture to rural residential.

                  Hoetink explained that he wishes to sell that portion to raise money to do additional work at the vineyard including expanding parking, walkways and irrigation. 

                  Hoetink said operating a vineyard/winery is a labor of love eight days a week.

                  The commission unanimously voted in favor of this recommendation.

Two other requests also got favorable recommendations by the commission. Both involved single homes and drew no comments from the public.  

• Curtis Roper sought to rezone 6.23 acres of his 19.86 acres on Eagle Perch Road from agriculture to rural residential.

 • Shaun Noe on Drop Shot Drive sought to rezone from agriculture to rural residential his 5.57 acres on Drop Shot Drive.

                  All recommendations from the planning commission are presented to the board of commissioners usually the following month for final approval.

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