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Newspaper subscribers across the state are experiencing delays due to a new United States Postal Office distribution center in Palmetto, Ga.

Postal delays impacting newspaper delivery

            Phones at our office and  newspaper offices throughout the state have been ringing off the hook with upset customers whose newspapers haven’t been delivered. A new United States Post Office distribution plant opened in Palmetto, Ga. in February and issues at that plant have caused mail delays throughout the state and beyond.

            Georgia Press Association  Board Member Alan NeSmith reached out to the Post Office Service Select Business Support Team who told him that “newspapers are being processed in the new processing facility in Atlanta, Ga. and then redirected to the facilities. There are currently multiple delays with newspapers, packages and mail. The facility is trying to catch up. This is why there is a delay in delivery. The post offices deliver the papers as quickly as they are given to them.”

            The Palmetto, Ga. facility, a regional hub for mail processing, opened in February and since that time there has been a slowdown in delivery of all types of mail. Georgia also recently shifted to a Local Transportation Optimization (LTO) program that provides only one truck a day to each post office to pick up mail, rather than multiple trucks throughout the day.

            Mail service from the Jasper Post Office to local addresses is running well; however, any mail that runs through the Palmetto facility is met with delays.

            Progress Circulation Manager Sheri Crowe said here we have always made an effort to help with subscriber mailing issues but over the last few weeks it has been constant with the issues  from subscribers who are outside the county.

            “We will do anything we can to speed up delivery, but in this case, it’s simply outside our hands entirely,” Crowe said. “We deliver the papers to the Jasper Post Office every Wednesday and know that the out-of-county ones leave there in a timely manner but after that, there isn’t much we can do but hope the regional post office can get this straightened out soon.”

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