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Second Place Award: Jasper Hollow By Bronwyn Rumery


Second Place Winner



[Bronwyn Rumery, left, receives the second place award at the Ga. Marble Festival]

Surrounded by mountain laurel and hidden beneath layers of Kudzu vine.

You will discover Jasper Hollow, an enchanted, magical marble mine.

You will be greeted by a centaur, by the way his name is Tate.

He will gladly serve you tea and cookies upon a silver granite plate.

Follow a wood nymph name Nelson, through a labyrinth paved with amber stone.

Take a rest from your adventure, to enjoy an Irish scone.

Select some pebbles from a Talking rock, can you hear their fascinating sound.

Don’t be surprised if you are stopped by a sprite, to ask what you have found.

Chase a leprechaun if you dare down a Marble Hill slide.

Don’t forget to look under four leaf clovers, for that’s where they love to hide.

Play hopscotch with a pixie.  Jump rope with a silly gnome.

Ride like the wind on a unicorn.  Play checkers at a dragon’s home.

When the sun sets over Jasper Hollow, and you really don’t want to leave.

Don’t be sad my child, to return all you need to do, is BELIEVE.

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