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Stories and recipes from the kitchen

By Cherie Martin, ETC’s Heart of the Home host

            It seems like yesterday as I crossed the Woodbridge in my 1966 Chevelle for my interview with Willie Cisneros, the co-owner of the Woodbridge Inn.  Moving from Atlanta and leaving a job at a law firm in downtown Atlanta meant two things: I would be enjoying raising my child in a small town near my family and I would be looking for work.

            In the early 70s there were few jobs in offices here and I was not “qualified” to work in a factory. 

            The Cisneros family was interviewing for a waitress and a “baker.” I could certainly do the waitress part and convinced Willie I could take family recipes and become the “baker.” At the time my last name was Baker and Willie and I had many laughs over that.

            One of the first things I learned was recipes are meant to be followed in some cases and often you can throw your own ideas into the mix.

            Sunday at the Woodbridge Inn often meant large crowds after church. The menu offered dessert with your meal so it had to be something I could do quickly, easily and on a budget.

            Today, 52 years later, I still make my Peach Cobbler just as I did then.  The ingredients are the same but I adjust the quantity for the number of people I are serving.

            Simple, Southern and Scrumptious is a line I use often. I hope you will enjoy preparing this awesome and super simple recipe for your family.

            The Heart of the Home really is the kitchen and I hope to encourage everyone to begin and end your day with good food, good conversation and time spent with family. 

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            Simple, Southern and Scrumptious

Peach  Cobbler for four

• 29 oz. can sliced peaches in natural juice

• 1/2 cup brown sugar in peach can and fill half full of hot water to dissolve.

• Pour over peaches

• Melt one stick butter

• Add equal amounts self-rising flour and sugar

• Begin with 3/4 cup of each add equal amounts of both sugar and flour. Consistency should be like thick creamed potatoes.

• Dallop on top of peaches and get excited as the kitchen begins to smell amazing.

• Use 11 x 14 pan. Bake 375 for 45 to 55 minutes.

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