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Summer Potpourri Second Saturdays rock; Election office/board not bad guys; Tate Depot project still off track; parents show patience

Second Saturdays first rate

            It’s been refreshing to see the excitement with Jasper’s Second Saturday concerts downtown. The music, stage, and crowds have all been exceptional. Credit goes to the city’s Downtown Development Authority member Marty Callahan for taking the lead with this initiative and the volunteers and city crews who have put in the work.

            The success of the first three concerts show people will go out here in the evenings if given a fun, safe environment. Hopefully this is boosting sales along Main Street.

            One encouragement we’d offer for those attending the free events is please spend a few bucks downtown while out. If you have enjoyed the music and social setting, there is no one passing around a donation bucket but plenty of businesses you can support by shopping and dining.

Elections office, board not the bad guys

            We completely understand the anger some feel regarding the 2020 election with widespread belief that votes were stolen. But we’ll vouch it wasn’t done in Pickens County, and we’d further say it’s inconceivable our local election board, including previous board members, did anything to alter votes.

            The re-count/hand count now being pursued here will be interesting. Let’s go look and see what the numbers show. But, we’d encourage all parties to govern themselves based on the results. The only races the recount will concern are the secretary of state and governor race in the GOP primary and both incumbents won by wide margins. There are not possibly enough votes in this county to change the statewide result.

            However, if there is a significant difference in the recount total here versus the originally recorded totals, the state of Georgia has a problem. Why did the machines not produce consistent results? Please recall in 2020 computer recounts here produced slightly different figures so it won’t be unprecedented if it turns up a few votes off. As one election board member said, he hopes the recount lands within the range of human error.

            And if the recount/hand count does land within a couple of votes of the original tally, we’d urge all parties to essentially say, “Okay, we asked, they checked, system worked, case closed.” 

Tate Depot plans still off track

            First, the state spent a whole bunch of money renovating and moving the Tate Depot. We argued then it would be a waste, unless the county has a staffing plan to open it. Then the county did restoration work on the inside and we reiterated that unless the county/ Tate community/ historical groups/ anyone has a solid plan of what to do with the building, it’s pointless to continue pouring in money.

            Now the county has finished some interior work and added a fabulously nice and expensive donated model train as a display. Still no plan of who, when, what the building will be used for. This train is clearly off the track.

Parents show patience

            With schools set to open August 1, we encourage parents and community members to take a deep breath and relax. It’s always stressful sending kids off to school. But one thing in Pickens County we can bank on, our school district is filled with quality and experienced educators. This is not to be taken lightly. Our schools here do a fine job, from safely transporting the kids to seeing that the curriculum suits the community to efforts with the sheriff’s office to keep campuses safe.

            Thanks to the schools for what they do. Perhaps there will be some problem develop this year, but keep in mind the words of Jean Paul Sartre, who said, “Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.”

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