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Summer Potpourri

   With the Memorial Day holiday, the start of summer plus graduations, forgive us for being a bit scattered this week. However, we feel several topics deserve comment:

Cove Road and its S-curves

Two weekends ago, a septic truck overturned in the infamous S curves where Cove Road rises out of the Long Swamp gorge. There were injuries, plus the spill, as well and the burden of getting crews in and mangled vehicles out of a road with no other access points. The road was closed from lunchtime into the evening.

The septic truck, like numerous big trucks before it, had trouble on the steep winding road. And when wrecks occur, east-end residents know the road can be closed for some time. As those who have lived in the area for more than a decade are well aware, landslides have twice led to multi-day closures. 

The problem, as we have highlighted in this space several times, Cove Road is the prime east-west thoroughfare between Jasper and the Foothills/Big Canoe/Bent Tree communities. 

There are no convenient/safe detours and this bodes poorly for a quick-growing county. Consider three not-very far-fetched hypotheticals.

1. What if the wreck had occurred one week later with the increased traffic as people were trying to get to high school graduation and reach second homes in the gated communities?

2. What if another landslide closes the road for a full week? Or a month? Or indefinitely? There is an awful lot of rock, earth, and trees hanging over that narrow passage.

3. What about when (not if) another large development seeks to locate along Cove Road? Let’s add two hundred drivers a day to the S curves along with a lot of big construction vehicles and imagine the problems.

Nothing we are saying here is new, nor particularly revelatory. This situation has existed for two decades and solutions haven’t even been sought. It’s time to have county/city coordination to see if something can be done to make Cove more reliable or find an alternative. A big undertaking – maybe the biggest we can imagine – but absolutely needed.

Adults, Move Yourself

This week, like summer’s past we kick off the Good Vibes series. It’s a weekly dose of encouragement for readers to rekindle their own hobbies. 

Study after study shows people age best who remain enthusiastic about getting out and about. Whatever you do: walking, cooking, gardening, birding, golf, or pickleball, summer is here so go for it. If you have a unique hobby you want to share, drop us a line, for a future story.

The kids are alright

   Adults are quick to complain that today’s youth are a whole host of negatives. But our coverage of the Pickens High Class of 2024, from the graduation speeches to the awards and accomplishments reported throughout the year, shows that this is an inaccurate generalization. 

   There are a lot of good kids coming out of our local schools, thanks to the teachers, parents, and community, and the kids themselves who appear engaged and bright. Maybe not all, but are all adults paragons of virtue? Nope. We have confidence that this latest generation will achieve great things.

No poo in the parks

   Finally, on the smallest of notes. The walkers among our staff and families note walking trails here too often double as litter boxes. So here’s a friendly reminder, carry those little plastic bags with you if you want to take your pet out, tying them to your leash is a convenient way to make sure they are there when you need them. In the words of one cliché, take only memories, leave only footprints or paw prints.

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