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Denise Godfrey with her hand-poured soy wax candles.

Two more weeks to shop at the Farmers Market

            The Farmers Market was doing well in the cool autumn air. Dressing for the weather is key to having a successful venture whether one is selling or buying. 

            Mr. Johnson had eggs of many colors; brown, blue & green. Zach Henson had a Christmas color combo of greens and radishes in red and white. The white radishes have fun looking twisty ends and would make for a decorative holiday dish. The Ball Ground Lions Club have pecans for sale; plain and praline style, plus they were offering chocolate covered in different flavors. Great for baking, cooking, and eating.

            You may know that when testing several scents, smelling coffee beans between tests will clear your nose for a more accurate testing. Such is the case with Chandler Candles LLC.

            Matthew and Denise Godfrey produce hand poured soy wax candles with fabulous scents. They upcycle liquor and wine bottles for a decorative look, plus, use wooden “boats” with multiple wicks for an elegant display. Potential buyers must sniff the coffee beans to clear their nose “palate” for accuracy. Plus, an added service is the fact that they make custom scented candles for your satisfaction. We all have our favorites!

            Come see, taste, and/or smell the great products offered at The Farmers Market in Jasper located at the Park-N-Ride parking lot across from the Veteran’s Memorial. The market is sponsored by the Pickens County Master Gardeners. With only two Saturdays left of the market, please hurry down to see what great finds you can find.

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