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Unraveling The Mysteries Of Black Cats And Bats

By Jeanne Wells

Marketing Specialist & Brand Ambassador

Animal Behavior College

            Black cats and bats are not just for Halloween. Today, we delve into the secrets behind these fascinating creatures.

            Black cats’ black coats give them stronger immune systems than those of cats with different colors. There are 22 recognized black cat breeds. They have natural camouflage for night hunting.  

            The ancient Egyptians worshiped them closely to gods. Sometimes though, black cats get a bad rap. Do you get upset when a black cat crosses your path – afraid of bad luck? Do they bring thoughts of being a witch’s companion?  

            Some think that this is due to the superstitions surrounding black cats and black dogs as being portrayed as dark, dangerous, and evil.  In some countries, if a black cat crosses your path it is believed to bring good luck.                  They aren’t as spooky and unlucky as folklore has made them out to be. The only dark thing about black cats and black dogs is their fur color. Black cats and black dogs must wait up to four times longer in shelters to find their furever homes. So, please help them out by adopting one.

            Did you know that you can train a cat?  Many cats’ owners struggle with behavior problems, and if not corrected these cats may end up in shelters.  

            Why not get trained in cat management? Think of the impact that you will have by receiving instruction in cat management and training.                   Cats can be trained with commands and positive reinforcement. Animal Behavior College offers an online cat training course that includes a self-placed shelter volunteer portion, pet first aid, and a CPR certification.

Now Let’s Dive Into The Intriguing World Of Bats!

            Bats are vital to our ecosystem. These speed demons are the only flying mammals with true flight.                Many can fly over 100 mph, which makes them one of the fastest mammals in the world.  

            They are unique creatures that help to maintain the balance of nature. These animals are pollinators and pest controllers.  

            One bat is capable of eating up to 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour.  Certain bats eat fruit as well, which spreads seeds to help grow new plants and trees.  

            They are nocturnal guardians of the night. Unfortunately, bat populations are in danger due to declining numbers around the world.  Many are becoming endangered due to loss of habitat, pollution, disease, and being killed.

            Many zoos have bat cave exhibits, including here in Georgia.  

            If you are a “Bat-Man” or a “Bat-Woman” who loves wild animals and their care, become a zookeeper’s assistant. Georgia zoos can put your studies, and your love of animals, to use.  

            A lucrative career that “Feeds Your Wild Side” is waiting for you.  Animal Behavior College offers a top-notch, online, Zookeeper Assistant Program to put you on the right path.

            You may also want to further your animal care experience and learn dog obedience, service dog training, veterinary assistance, grooming, aquarium maintenance, and more.  

            If any of the above correlates with your needs or dreams, then it’s time for you to contact Animal Behavior College and get started on one of their many animal programs right away.   

            Get Batty with Animal Behavior College and have a  Pawsome Halloween.

            Anyone from Pickens County who enrolls in one of Animal Behavior College’s main programs will not only get the current discount but may take the Short-Term Program of their choice at no cost. Must be over 18. See the website for discounts. It cannot be combined with any other offer. 

            Use this link for more information and to enroll today:   

            Please mention Pickens County Progress and the special when you sign up to begin your new animal experience.  This offer is good for a limited time only. 

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