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What the numbers say aboutPickens County

            With talk of parks and needs for the county as a whole, we thought it might be an opportune time to refresh everyone on what the numbers/demographics say about Pickens County.

            According to, Pickens County’s population estimate on July 1, 2022 was 34,826, up 1,611 people, or 4.9%, over April 1, 2020 when we had just 33,215 people living here. In April, 2010 our population was 29,431. In 12 years, Pickens County grew by over 5,300 residents. Of those, the largest noted age group were those 65 years and older, making up 23% of our county. Persons under 18 years of age accounted for 18.5% while those under 5 years made up another 4.4%.

            As for gender, we were split right down the middle, with 50% females to 50% males. The percentage of White people was 95% and Black or African American was 1.5% with the Hispanic or Latin percentage at 3.7% 

            We were home to 2,549 veterans from 2017-2021.

             Just 2% of our population is considered foreign born.

            Housing – According to the Census, on July 1, 2022 we had 15,509 housing units, with an owner-occupied housing unit rate of 80.2%. The median value of owner-occupied housing units from 2017-2021 was $220,100. The median monthly owner costs for those with a mortgage from 2017-2021 was $1,307 and $497 for those without a mortgage. The median gross rent was $932. There were 419 building permits issued in 2022, according to

            Families & Living Arrangements – From 2017-2021 there were 12,646 identified households in Pickens County with 2.57 persons per household. The percentage speaking a language other than English at home was 2.9%.

            Computer & Internet Use – Just over 93.5% of households reported having a computer at home, and households with a broadband internet subscription was 90.8%.

            Education -The percentage of persons age 25 years or older with a high school degree from 2017-2021 was 88.1% while those with a bachelor’s degree or higher was just 24.5%.

            Health – Persons with a disability, under age 65 years, was 13.9% and the percentage of people without health insurance under 65 years of age stood at 16.6%.           

            Economy – In the civilian labor force, as a percent of population age 16 years and older, the percentage in 2017-2021 was 58.8%, with women making up 53.1% of that labor force.

            In 2017, total accommodation and food service sales were $52,802,000.

            For the same year total health care and social assistance receipts/revenue accounted for a whopping $173,558,000.

Total transportation and warehousing receipts/revenue were $7,666,000.

            Retail sales in 2017 were $417,436,000, with a retail sales per capita of $13,234.

            Transportation – Mean travel time to work in minutes for workers age 16 years and older in 2017-2021 was 30.8 minutes.

            Income and Poverty – From 2017-2021 median household income in 2021 dollars was $71,637. The per capital income over a 12 month period (in 2021) dollars for the same time period was $36,505. According to, the number of persons currently in poverty in Pickens County is 10.3% of the population.

            Employment – In 2021 there were 753 total employer establishments, employing 6,950 people that year. Total annual payroll, according to, was $324,313,000. Approximately 2.3% more people were employed in Pickens in 2021 over 2020.

            Geography – The population per square mile in 2020 was 143.1 persons, over the 126.8 per square mile a decade earlier in 2010. There are 232.06 square miles in Pickens County.

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